Sunday, 8 December 2013

I often feel that deepest are the cries that are seldom heard. Our confrontations with our conscience are ineluctable and appear before us with time and again. Each time it happens, it urges a quest for our true identities to ameliorate ourselves, not necessarily by superfluous achievements that serve more as our portrait to others than a mirror to ourselves, but by our choice to take a higher path which brings our conscience in harmony with our actions.
According to Kurt Vonnegut, "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be."
We all are pretending to be someone in one way or another; we fit every person in certain stereotypes within our sub conscience based on the stimulus we get. However, these stimuli may be erroneous and misleading. Now the important question is the selection of audience for our pretentious act, good audiences will make good characters. In my opinion, the best audience can be we ourselves because nobody else can better judge the extent of pretension. Hence, a better option would be trying to pretend honesty to ourselves.
The need of the above mentioned pithy lines was to reveal a certain character of ignorance that prevails so dominantly and still unnoticed. This ignorance in turn influences our choices and believe it or not, these choices are not for deodorants, jeans or vogue, but something critical such as our goals in life, our character, disposition and faith. The solemn calls are that of our conscience that are often subdued though not conspicuously. The
nuances that we are ignorant of have affected our lives so much and yet we are so acclimated to it that we could hardly notice it.
"Don't lose yourself; it's all you have got"
According to my contemplation (liable to scrutiny), the reason for losing our true self is the lack of faith. Standing by our convictions and beliefs commands faith in their veraciousness. Faith derived
from “The Changing” may wobble or depreciate, if you have faith in higher paths for humanity, it ought to be derived from higher purpose for life and divine inspirations. Impregnable faith in
righteousness and virtues is humanity. Faith can still move mountains.
                                                                  Vishwajeet Kushwaha

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